What you need to know...

  • In the last 10 years, 2 million people have been killed or seriously injured in road
    crashes in the countries of the European Union
  • A formal 'Safe Road Infrastructure Initiative' could alone cut casualties by a third in less than a decade
  • Safe road design could cut annual road deaths and injuries by 50,000
  • Safe road design could save €160bn in crash costs annually
  • Safe road design is quick, certain and affordable, with local safe road design schemes achieving a 100% return on investment in the first year alone
  • Europe must build safe road design into its new 10 year plan
  • Europe-wide maps of risky roads are to become available identifying road sections
    with the highest risk
  • No new laws are needed - just getting organised to take action
  • Europe must build road systems to be as safe as rail or air

Key Statistics

  • In the past 10 years 2 million people have been killed or suffered life changing injury in road crashes across Europe
  • Road crashes bleed away €160 billion a year, equating to 2% of GDP
  • Two-thirds of Europe's road deaths are concentrated on national and regional roads outside major towns
  • Serious crashes can drop by more than half when roads are given a safety makeover
  • The EC is starting its 10 yearly road safety review of options preventing further road casualties beyond 2010
  • A formal safe road infrastructure could cut casualties by 50, 000 annually in less than a decade
  • In the next decade we can save at least 0.5% of GDP - €50 billion...
  • ...saving at least 300 deaths and serios injuries every day
  • Road deaths are the leading cause of death amongst healthy young adults


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